Saturday 1 October 2016


Hello, thank you for calling in. I haven't been around much recently and yesterday saw the culmination of a long and very difficult week.  The Mathematician rang me first thing in the morning.  "I had a dream that Grandad died!  Just tell me," she said.  "Don't be silly," I replied,  laughing, "You're all right.  Now turn off your 'phone and go and take your exam."  I felt terrible and wondered if she would forgive me when, later that day, I would tell her that I had lied.
In the afternoon, The Teacher, the Best Beloved and I went to the Long Mynd, up, up, up to the top to leave the weight of our grief behind for a while and lose ourselves in the vastness of the sky. 

As the rainclouds rolled in and we made a dash for the car, The Teacher stopped and pointed towards the faint colours of a rainbow which was touching the horizon.  "Look," she said, "It's Grandad.  He's come to say goodbye."

Love, Mrs Tiggywinkle x