Friday, 5 December 2014


Hello, it's nice to see you.  Thank you for calling in.  The Little Women and I are getting along famously and I shall tell you all about it when I have finished the first book. 
I wasn't born in Shropshire, in fact I didn't visit until I was in my twenties, but then I was immediately smitten and I have loved living here for a long time.  That first visit also took place on the first weekend of a December and I saw a lot of views like this one
and this one

Do you see why I was smitten?  When I discovered Blogland I searched for someone who writes about this place I love, but I couldn't find anybody who pressed the right buttons for me, and so one of the things I would like to do here is tell you about places and events you might like to visit, particularly if you are frugally-minded.  Is that OK with you?
Tomorrow, Saturday 6th December, there is a Christmas tree festival at Christ Church in Wellington from 10am till 3pm.  I have been for the last few years and delighted in the 30+ small trees made or decorated by local organisations.  They gleam and twinkle and represent their community, sometimes in surprising ways.  Best of all, this event is FREE!  There will be refreshments to buy and a raffle and probably some festive stalls, and if you are able to spare a pound or two to help them, please do so, but it's not compulsory.  They are a hard-up church, but the heating is wonderful and the welcome is equally warm.  As a taster, here is not one tree but a tiny forest of them, made by a local knitting group.  It's so sweet!  (I must declare a vested interest - my stitches are in there.)

Have a good weekend, see you soon.
Love, Mrs Tiggywinkle


  1. Hello, I've just come by your blog and can't wait to read more on Shropshire. I don't blame you for moving to there with those views! I hope the book reading is going well. Take care. x

    1. Hello Chel, and thank you. I am a proud Londoner too and came here in a roundabout way which included three years at university in Essex. I am enjoying your blog. x