Thursday 11 June 2015

Knitting and Knattering

Hello, thank you for calling in.  It's been a bit chilly round here and rough winds hath shaken the darling buds of May and of June, but today it's glorious, the wind has dropped at last, the sun is shining and I actually feel warm.  I may even consider leaving my vest off soon (I never cast my clout till May is out)...
There hasn't been nearly enough yarny goodness here so today I would like to share some WIPs with you.  I cleaned some kitchen cupboards this morning so I rewarded myself with a couple of hours at Knit and Knatter this afternoon (I am not a very good knitter but I am absolutely brilliant at knattering) and my friends kindly agreed to let me photograph their knitting and show it to you. 
So first of all, here is Carole's work.  She is knitting a jacket in this gorgeous, summery shade of turquoise which I absolutely love -

Next up is Jan, who is knitting a matinee jacket for a newborn.  We had much discussion about ribbon (decided against it for a baby) and button colours -

Now we have Rose, who was knitting the second sleeve for this little jacket.  And look at that tin full of Knit Pro needles (not that I am jealous.  Well OK, I am.)! -

Margaret had knitted some very delicate, summery scarves and spent our session threading beads onto the ends to finish them off -

Nathan is knitting a snood and yes, he's got Knit Pro needles, too -

We knitters are not exclusive in our love of yarn: Joy is crocheting roses -

While Jean needlefelted this little mouse from start to finish during our session, a friend for the ladybird she had already made (either that's a giant ladybird or it's the smallest mouse in the world) -

As for me, I am preparing for the camping season and knitting socks -

But I shall leave you with Linda's current project: she is knitting squares in these colours which epitomise the happiness, fun and laughter we shared together this afternoon.

I hope you are finding some happiness, fun and laughter, too.  Isn't it wonderful how the mood changes when the sun shines?

See you soon.

Love, Mrs Tiggywinkle x


  1. Such lovely work, and I'll be you have some great conversations.

  2. It was quite chilly in my classroom today so I was surprised by the temperature when I left at 3.30. Wouldn't it be lovely to have some stable warm weather, and the chance to plan some 'warm weather things'....
    All the projects are lovely. Jx

    1. Thanks, Jan. Oh it would be SO nice to plan some "warm weather things", I am tired of the dreariness now. Hope you are OK, hold on tight for the last 6 weeks and don't lose your focus! x

  3. What talented knitters/crafters you and your friends are! All your makes look so lovely. Yes, the world seems a better place when the sun is shining! Even in winter I don't mind the cold so much as long as there's plenty of bright sunshine. Hope your weekend is fun and restful. Happy knitting! X

    1. I absolutely agree, Marion, sunshine makes a huge difference. As does knitting! x

  4. If you can knit socks you are a great knitter!!!! Your friends all have some great projects on the go don't they! xx

    1. Oh thank you Amy! At least I can keep my feet warm. The diversity of projects is fascinating, we always ask each other what we are knitting and share ideas. x