Wednesday 30 December 2015

The Sixth Day of Christmas

Hello, thank you for popping in, you are all very welcome, especially if this is your first visit.  It's been wild, wet and windy here but we are counting our blessings because we are too high up for floods.  I say that with no smug thoughts, I am truly sorry for those whose homes or businesses have been ruined, especially at this time of year.
Yesterday, the lovely Wendy from September Violets commented that I sound very content, which took me aback somewhat.  (I've just read that back and laughed out loud.  "Took me aback somewhat"?!  Where on earth did that come from?)  The truth is that right now, I do feel content, which is unusual for someone as generally anxious as I am.  I suppose that it's because I am living in the moment, and at this moment, I am with the people who I love most, we have enough food in the cupboards (and there are treats), there are no bills to worry about for a couple of weeks so we have enough money (even though we have a fortnight with no income at all), it hasn't been too cold so we are warm with a minimum fuel expenditure and we are all in good health.  We don't have any work or other commitments so we are running our own timetable, not anyone else's, and we are doing whatever we want to do.  It doesn't mean that we are not still mourning the loss of my mother-in-law, it means that we are working through that process very gently and looking after each other as we do so.
I think this may be to do with the fact that we live very simply and modestly, so our wants are not great - for example, we haven't felt the need to brave the sales, despite the marvellous bargains there are to be found, because we have all we actually need at the moment.  It's probably also to do with the fact that our children are grown up and relatively independent, so we don't need to focus so much on them as we used to.
So yes, at this moment, I do feel content.  I leave you with a picture of my mantelpiece at this moment - I know that it's blurry, but I like to think of it as warm and fuzzy, which is just how I feel.  See you soon.
Love, Mrs Tiggywinkle x


  1. I am glad that you are feeling content, that is a good place to be isn't it. Long may it continue! xx

  2. I don't need highs or lows, being content can be pretty awesome.

  3. Brilliant, warm and fuzzy is great. x

  4. The old saying of 'Count your Blessings' is a good one. What more can we all hope for than to feel content with the way things are right now. Warm and fuzzy is good:)