Friday 15 May 2015

Five On Friday

Hello, thank you for calling in, especially if you have arrived via  Amy at Love Made My Home which I am joining in with again today.  I have been busy with meetings every day this week, nothing blogworthy, so today I would like to share with you five things I did yesterday.

This is what I was doing at 8am.  Next week I am involved with a charity event and we are giving goody bags to all attendees, so this is my contribution.  Have you done this?  It's a lot of impact for a small amount of cost and effort and it's easy.  I bought the washi tape from amazon - if you haven't come across it before, it's made of fabric and it's adhesive so you just peel off the backing strip as you wrap it around the tealight.  That's all there is to it.


Your eyes are not deceiving you, those are knitted bosoms!  By 10am I was at our local hospital, delivering handknitted items to the maternity and neonatal units on behalf of said charity: crib blankets, tiny cardigans, bonnets with flaps in them for babies who are on ventilators, long mittens for babies who have canulae in their arms, angel pockets for stillborn babies and knitted boobs which are used to demonstrate breastfeeding and expressing milk.  It's funny, but no woman can resist squooshing a knitted boob!  I'm not sure about the men.  Maybe they would like to but are too inhibited?

I was home by midday and shortly afterwards, there was an unexpected knock on the front door.  It was an engineer from the water company, asking if she could test the water as it came out of my kitchen tap.  I agreed and we had a fascinating conversation.  Apparently they do random tests all the time, from reservoir to tap, my street came up on her list today and I was the first door she knocked on.  That reading you can see in the photo shows that my water is just about as hard as it could be and this is because our water comes from bore holes, up through the rock.  She told me where the local reservoirs are and that they can't be seen because they are not open to the elements, but covered.  I think I need to investigate.

I didn't take any photographs of this afternoon's activities as I don't think pictures of a sparkling clean bathroom or a newly-dusted mantelpiece are very interesting, so here we are at 6pm dinner (and I am truly sorry for the very poor quality of this photo).  I roasted a piece of  pork shoulder which we bought to cook last Sunday but then didn't fancy when it came to it - the weather has been cold and wet today, just right for a roast - but instead of the usual roast potatoes and steamed vegetables, I cooked some green lentils, stirred in half a bag of spinach until it wilted and added black pepper and the juice of half a lemon.  It was just right.  I have had a real craving for greens all week: yesterday we had French-style braised lettuce and peas with onions, the day before it was a huge mound of steamed curly kale and peas.  I am trying to ring the changes so that the Best Beloved doesn't get bored.   

By 9pm I had washed up, cleaned up the kitchen and got everything ready for this morning so I made a pot of tea and sat down.  The Best Beloved was out so I WATCHED WHATEVER I WANTED TO WATCH ON THE TELEVISION!  No discussions, no negotiations and yours truly in full control with a pot of Earl Grey.  It doesn't happen often enough. 

So there you are, five snapshots of a day in the life of Mrs Tiggywinkle.  If you fancy it, hop over to Love Made My Home and see who else is joining in today.

See you soon.

Love, Mrs Tiggywinkle x


  1. A lovely day. Enjoy your weekend. :-)

  2. I was impressed with the tealights so simple yet effective. I have never come across a knitted bosom before how great for demonstrations. Have a great weekend.

  3. Hello. I love the tealights , too. Looks like you have been busy knitting. How fun. Enjoy your weekend. My best to you.

  4. Definitely five good things! I love the boobs, made me smile! I imagine they are less intimidating that hard plastic pink things! Sorry to be brief today, but thank you so much for joining in despite me being missing. I hope that you have a great weekend! xx

  5. This is a great five, I love your knitting, what a great thing to do! Your lentils look delicious. Have a lovely weekend xx

  6. Looks like a great day! I love the tea light idea & hadn't seen that before. Great tip!!

    I love the knitted boobs - what a hoot! Really cute way to help with new mothers.

    Yay for those nights of a man-free remote control! Doesn't happen often enough around here either. ;)

    Happy weekend! xo

  7. Quite a fascinating post. Great idea about washi tape not used it before but see it everywhere. Love the knitted boobs. And am really fascinated about the water and hardness etc. Joe lovely to be in control if the TV for once too

  8. Washi tape to pretty up tea lights is a clever and colourful idea. The recipients of the goody bags will be very happy with them! Love the knitted boobs too, as well as all the other knitted items you give to hospitals. They're all so helpful to new mums, babies and the staff too. It's great -all the work you're doing. Hope you're having a lovely weekend. Thanks for letting me know about the shells-- so exciting to know what they're called. Thanks! X

  9. I don't think I've ever seen an knit breast. Very funny! I have ade candles like that though. I did a bunch wrapped in Christmas ribbon to give away as gifts during the festive season. Very cute and a nice simple project.

  10. Great Five! The tealights are so cute with the washi tape. The items for the hospital sound like they'd be very welcome to those in need. I know exactly what you mean about watching TV ON YOUR OWN!! (don't mean to yell, but there's no italics here in comments). I don't remember the last time I watched TV alone (hubby & I don't agree on any shows together so I just don't watch it now).

  11. Mum, lentils are my favourite food. And we eat a lot of kale, to some protest from my husband. The kale at our allotment is coming to an end now, sadly.
    Ah yes, the delight of TV on your own. I take myself out of the room if he wants to watch anything with Clint Eastwood in it.