Friday 8 May 2015

Shoulder to Shoulder

Hello, thank you for dropping in.  I am in a quandary. Today is the day after a general election, and therefore an historic day, a day full of the promise and potential of change, a day full of hope and uncertainty.  I voted because I am entitled to vote, because some suffragettes endured terrible experiences to win the vote for women, because I believe in equality and democracy, because I can remember the photographs of the 1994 election in South Africa on the front pages of the newspapers, the first held there with universal adult suffrage, when many people queued for days to exercise their newly-acquired right to vote .  I always vote.  When my children were young I always took them to the polling station with me so that they would understand the importance of voting.  So I hope you understand why I feel this should be the subject of today's writings.
On the other hand, I try to keep religion and politics out of this blog.  These are subjective topics and I have no wish to alienate or upset readers.  This space I keep precious, a space for inclusivity and positivity, a space to share other things, creative things, things which enrich and sustain the rhythm of my life.
On the other hand, I think it's important to be authentic when blogging, and I cannot deny the political animal that I am.
So I hope you understand my quandary.  I am not going to write about the election, although in explaining myself, I think I have been authentic and shared something with you.  Neither am I going to write about anything else today, because nothing else is as important as the election today, not the photos of my lovely and unexpected walk in the Peak District yesterday, not even the 70th anniversary of VE Day (and I am truly sorry if I have upset you with that last remark). 
See you soon.
Love, Mrs Tiggywinkle x


  1. Hello Mrs. T - I think it's perfectly acceptable to write about what you want on your blog. You are not trying to persuade anybody to vote a certain way or tell them how you voted. I mentioned the election too on my blog as it was such an anti-climax in the end, and I think that the whole nation ended up feeling a bit disappointed. Well, apart from the Scottish that is! Judy.

  2. It certainly was a strange election in the end.... I don't mind reading about politics on my 'regular blogs' - go for it!! Jx

  3. I always vote too for the same reasons as you have mentioned. I don't think I've every knowingly missed voting in either national or local elections since I could first vote in 1970. How lovely that you walked in the Peak District we were there yesterday in Castleton and it was a lovely day:)