Tuesday 3 February 2015

Positivity Month Post #3: No Elephants In Shropshire

Hello.  Thank you for dropping by.  It has been gloriously sunny here today which has helped me enormously in the positivity department but it is still very, very cold.  I had arranged to visit a friend this morning.  She lives just over three miles away and I don't have the use of a car during the daytime so I rely on my bicycle.  Now, I know that three miles is not a long cycle ride, but it's not flat around these parts and I...erm...well...let's say that I don't have a cyclist's physique, so for me, this trip is a bit of a slog.
So I wrapped up well and set off, and as I rode along the cycle path beside the road, this was the view across the fields to my right -

Isn't it glorious?  Who says that February is wet and miserable?  Not me!  Truly this view made me glad to be outdoors.  To my left on this journey is a different landscape: a woodland in the park belonging to a rather grand house which was knocked down years ago.  But just before I reached the woodland, I rounded a bend and was greeted by this sight -

They really took me by surprise.  There were lots of them.  I have never seen them here before, and I last made this journey only a fortnight ago.  I have a fondness for sheep: I can't imagine the British landscape without them, they can provide meat and milk as well as wool so they are very useful, they are not fierce or intimidating, they are hardy and they can cope with grazing land unsuitable for other, more delicate creatures.  I like them almost as much as I like elephants, which is a lot, but I haven't seen any elephants in Shropshire!
Take care and keep warm.  I have been sleeping with handwarmers on because it's so cold.
Love, Mrs Tiggywinkle x


  1. Three miles in Shropshire is definitely going to involved some 'ups and downs'. It looks as though the views were worth it. Jx

  2. Oh Jan, they really were, even though I was done in by the time I got home! I feel so lucky to live here. x