Thursday 26 February 2015

Positivity Month Post #26: Nice

Hello, thank you for dropping in.  It poured with rain here this morning but this afternoon, the sun came out and I went off out for a spot of knitting and nattering.  I was introduced to this group almost two years ago - I was knitting a blanket of squares and wanted to join them as I went along, rather than knit them all separately and then be faced with a huge sewing task.  I didn't know how to do it so a friend, already a member of the group, suggested that I go along with her one day because "someone will know how to do it", and she was right.  I have been joining them whenever I can ever since. 
They are a very nice group of mostly women.  When I was at school I was taught not to use the word "nice" because it is an insipid word and there is always a stronger, more precise word which can be used instead, and certainly the word "nice" is sometimes used in a derogatory way, as if "merely" has been inserted in front of it, or as if the subject has no better qualities.  However, these women ARE nice and I think that is a very positive thing to say.  It is gentle and kind and careful not to offend.  We sit and we knit (or crochet, we do not discriminate!) and we chat.  Nobody is judgmental, people are very willing to share their skills and experience and help others, some people tell funny stories, celebrations are shared and support is gently given.  Yarn is squooshed and completed works are cooed over.  It feels like a refuge from the vicissitudes of the world.  For the best part of two hours I sat in the sunshine and knitted and relaxed.
In case you are wondering, I am knitting little jackets for cheap Christmas baubles.  I fancy a jolly non-Yuletide garland to cheer up the front room - I'd like to show you when it's finished.  The pattern is from Mollie Makes issue 46, the wool is left over from knitting some muffatees and the needles were bought in a charity shop for 50p. 
See you tomorrow.  I have a very busy day lined up and already the dreaded anxiety is creeping over me.
Love, Mrs Tiggywinkle x

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