Wednesday 4 February 2015

Positivity Month Post #4: The Kindness of Strangers

Hello.  Are you keeping warm enough?  It's difficult when it's SOOO cold, there are only so many layers you can put on before your mobility is compromised!  The sun has shone again here today, although a little paler than yesterday, and this afternoon I had to go out on my bicycle again.  My legs were certainly feeling the strain after yesterday's efforts.  I had to cross a seldom-used railway line, there is a level crossing there for pedestrians with a manually-operated gate on each side of the line, kept shut by heavy springs on the hinges.  It's quite difficult to walk a bicycle through while simultaneously holding the gate open but as I approached, a very young woman who I had never seen before approached from the other direction and called out to ask me if I was going across.  I nodded and she said, "I'll get the gate for you," and went ahead to hold it open for me.  As I walked through she said, "I'll go ahead and get the other side for you," which she did!  We exchanged a bit of friendly chat before going off in different directions.
So that's today's bit of February positivity: the kindness of a stranger.  What a difference that girl made to my day. 
So here is the view as I returned across the railway line just before sunset.  It's not a brilliant photo - I am still getting used to using the camera on my 'phone - but it was a bit special, looking down the line, beyond the bridge to the hill behind. 
I wonder what tomorrow will bring? 
Love, Mrs Tiggywinkle x


  1. Trying to post a comment again, this time on my laptop
    Love the pics you get better and better

  2. That's the trick then! I love a Shropshire patch and look forward to the next posting!
    More recipes would be nice, how about something chilled?

    1. I'm working on it, Rosemary. I made something special today but it's a family recipe so I need permission before I can share it! x