Thursday 19 February 2015

Positivity Month Post #19: Cosy

Hello, thank you for popping in.  We had a lovely outing planned for today but rain stopped play so we have postponed it until Saturday, hopefully.  Instead, we decided to hunker down indoors for an indulgent day together.
The Best Beloved lit the fire just after lunch - we NEVER light it that early so it was a real treat - and we settled down with mugs of tea and the last of the Christmas chocolate to watch a film.  It felt naughty to be doing that during the afternoon (blame my puritan upbringing and the instilling of the Protestant Work Ethic) but it was very, very nice.  I was going to say that we were completely chilled but of course, with the fire, we were completely warmed!
Adding to my heightened feelings of cosiness were these -

my new sheepskin slippers.  The Teacher bought them for me for my birthday and I really can't imagine how I managed without them.  I have had slippers before but never any as warm and totally cosy as these.  I LOVE them.  (If you fancy some for yourself, have a look HERE where they are currently reduced in price.) 
So, a quiet afternoon spent watching films with a fire, mugs of tea, chocolate, my slippers and the Best Beloved made me very happy.  I really am a simple soul, aren't I?   
See you tomorrow.
Love, Mrs Tiggywinkle x 

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