Friday 20 February 2015

Positivity Month Post #20: My Birthday Present...To The Foodbank

Hello, here we are almost at the end of half term.  Thank you for calling in, I am very grateful for every single one of you. 
During the lead-up to my birthday party, now almost a fortnight ago, I became very uneasy about the fact that we were going to be feasting in a room warmed not just by a gas heater but also by family love while other people living nearby would be hungry, cold and lonely.  So, a few days before the party I contacted my guests and asked the adults if they would each bring a tin or packet with them which we could give to the local foodbank.  I gave them the link to the foodbank's website so that they could see which items were on the current "shopping list" and told them that one tin makes a difference.  There were 28 adults on the list so I thought I would have about 30 items, a lovely boxful.
Today I sorted out those tins and packets.  Here they are -
There are more than 90 items here.  I am absolutely bowled over.  We have boxed them up and taken them to the foodbank today.  I can't afford to buy this much myself and donate it, but together, as a family, we have done this and I feel proud of everyone who responded to my request as well as very happy.  My family is wonderful.
So, here is my challenge to you: how can you make a difference?  My income is very low and I worked out that I could afford to buy three tins for this gift, but I used an opportunity to ask other people to get involved and my gift increased thirtyfold.  I am currently working on my next plan...
See you tomorrow.  I am hoping for sunshine as I have a final half term outing planned.
Love, Mrs Tiggywinkle x 


  1. That's an inspired idea! Jx

  2. I think that's a grand idea. I will do something along those lines.


  3. That's a brilliant idea! I work with someone who is involved with the foodbank in our area and so we always contribute when we know she is going to a meeting. It's such a shame that this has to happen in our country. x