Monday 16 February 2015

Positivity Month Post #16: Developments

 Hello, thank you for popping in.  There has been an exciting development today...the sun came out!  Sadly, not till just before 4pm so it was too late to go out and make the most of it.  However, at least I have seen a bit of blue and it has cheered my soul.

Speaking of "exciting developments", something else has cheered my soul today, too.  Have a look at this old sink in my back yard -

Yep, crocus and narcissus bulbs reaching for the sky.  I love these signs that spring is on its way, the vivid green tips breaking through the brown earth after months of dormancy and shooting up towards the light. The flower buds are developing well and it looks as if the golden heads will be nodding before long -

Happy, happy, happy.

See you tomorrow, I hope.

Lots of love, Mrs Tiggywinkle x

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