Sunday 8 February 2015

Positivity Month Post #8: Not A Von Trapp

Hello, thank you for visiting my Shropshire patch.  This weekend has brought me SO much happiness, and today I wish to single out my young son-in-law, Flashman.  He married my elder daughter, The Teacher, last August so he hasn't been with us for very long.  He is from a small family while ours is large and exuberant.  We sing quite a lot and we "make our own entertainment" - yesterday, we were referred to as "The Von Trapps"!  I think it's been a bit of a culture shock and he is coping Very Well. 
Yesterday we held a family lunch party to celebrate my birthday.  I think there were 42 of us, aged 7 to 74.  Flashman spent the best part of 7 hours serving drinks and food and washing up.  He quietly worked hard all day. 
After the party was over, 5 of us went back to his house to stay overnight with him and The Teacher and this morning, another 8 family members came over for brunch.  Again, he quietly worked in the kitchen, washing up.  I don't think he found it easy being with such large numbers of people for 24 hours but he didn't complain.  He was welcoming and hospitable. 
He did it for his wife and for me.  He made me very happy.
So, the Big Birthday is tomorrow - it's been a great weekend, so lovely to be with my favourite people for two days.  I hope that you've found some happiness this weekend.
See you tomorrow.  Love, Mrs Tiggywinkle x

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